The secret dating

02-Feb-2016 18:05

“We look for people who are thriving in all aspects of life - someone who is kicking ass at whatever they're doing." And when it comes to courting the sometimes-shy Germans, nothing makes it easier than The Inner Circle.

Once upon time, logging on to a computer in search of cupid’s arrow was deemed desperate and used only by the minority.

Once you understand the process, then and only then can you begin to attract the right person into your life.

"It's a barren wasteland," one of the top results states.

You just need to know how to unlock its potential – and sift through the sediment to find those golden grains.

"That's what The Inner Circle does for you," says Michael Krayenhoff, co-founder of the dating app that's taken London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Paris by storm. We review every registration individually to make sure they're genuine - and that they've got what you're looking for." It’s hard to describe what that je ne sais quoi of an Inner Circle member really is. Members range from hip creatives to corporate high flyers, or anything in between.

Imagine waking up each morning in a relationship that is so perfect you can totally be yourself, where you whole-heartedly trust your partner, and he or she totally gets and supports everything you do.

Basically, The Inner Circle is for ambitious, interesting singles who all share the same zest for life.