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After years of nondescript light beers almost completely dominating the market, tastes seemed to wake up. A massive 1997 report contains a number of damning factors, everything from unfavorable demographics to health consciousness.Breweries and brew-pubs started up almost overnight. But with any economic boom, there’s danger of a bubble. Even anti-drunk driving measures were seen as contributing to the bust.Craft beer makes up a growing percentage of the overall market, and the United States is now seeing an average of one brewery opening every day.New Hampshire’s recent nanobrewery licensing is helping to push that number.Today, anyone with 0 and a dream can start their own nanobrewery, a term now quantified by the state as a brewery producing 2,000 or fewer barrels annually. While that may seem like a lot, it essentially creates a market for homebrewers wanting to live the dream.This is a grocery store I regularly visit when I go down to visit family.

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Together, the team sets to work designing GLBC’s 7-barrel brewing system, which is still used to brew Pub Exclusive beers today.

"If you can't read the date, you would never accept that with your bread or your cheese or your other perishable food,” he stresses.