Darkcavern chatroom

26-Aug-2016 14:27

Note that a “villager” role is possible in this roleset.

You will have the abilities, stats and items associated with this character from the boardgame with (possibly) a few adjustments.2) Role: This is the secret attribute(s) that your character has in addition to their other powers. It is possible that there will be some game events that allow your role to be discovered by other players.

Cultists: All cultists are on the same team and will be aware of each others identity.

It is possible that no player will have any hidden attributes and it is possible that every player will. In addition, it is possible that there will be game mechanics that will allow you or other players to discover your hidden attributes.

There will be only a good and evil team in this game. Conversion will be possible, but only through game mechanics existing in the Arkham Horror game.

It is not known how many cultists will be present in the game. They will be able to use the chat whenever players are allowed to post in the thread.

Book Of Matches isn’t much use if you’re outside of the US or Canada (unless you are looking for a partner there and don’t mind setting up a profile suggesting you live in those countries).Cuts to overhead shot of the plaza where the invasion carries on.