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It’s time for late nights, sleeping in, vacations, and “I’m so bored” to fill the air after just two weeks. I know I worked, but, other than that, I don’t really remember any vacations or anything too different from the school year.

For hugging and non-hugging co-workers alike, it’s Friday night! Yes they’re by Thibaud Hérem, and yes we gush about him too much. But when the following May came, and the weather got warmer, I started getting antsy for “the end of the year,” and then it hit me. Many parents find themselves in a difficult situation for summer break.They may encounter the extra expense of childcare while their little ones are home.| Main | What's Good, Bad, and Ugly About Second Life Viewer 2.0 » The Lindens recently announced a new advertising campaign that matches screenshots of Residents' avatars with photos of their real world owners.

(Example at left, featuring cute San Francisco indie rockstar Keiko Takamura.) Similar to New World Notes' mixed reality profile series, the campaign is (intentionally or not) a frontal assault on the second most corrosive meme directed by detractors at Second Life.

Look, no one said we were really cool and into trendy music, we’re into art and shit, yeah? This week we’ve got Jon Grant who got the top spot on the Rough Trade albums of 2013 list some Black Sabbath and some Tom Waits.

If opportunity doesn't knock, then build a door, every night I used to pray that I’d find that person I would love but when I can't, I come here and take a deep breath just to think about the fantasy that lies deep in my mind. I enjoy things some might consider taboo or outlandish that stretch boundaries of desire and/or good taste.… continue reading »

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