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After ruling out beer, French fries and chocolate, they settled on yeasty, deep-pocketed waffles, a popular street food that first migrated to the U. Clayman sold “gaufres de Bruxelles” from a storybook Flemish-esque façade, clearing half a million waffles over the course of the 1962 event.

Although waffles back in Brussels commonly came with nothing more than a dusting of powdered sugar, as The Spokane Daily Chronicle told its readers, Cleyman’s waffles were “served with strawberry and whipped cream, and are belittled with syrup only at an uncultured customer’s request.” Toward the end of the fair, Cleyman switched from strawberries to pineapple bits.

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The BTIA stated “the BTIA Cayo Chapter will work to make good of this situation and fight to keep Cayo a safe, fun, exciting and top notch tourism destination in our country!

” The Belgian Counsel is now in San Ignacio and is providing assistance to get back their passports.