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15-Nov-2016 21:54

The al-Qarawiyyin library is part of an educational complex that began as a mosque in 859.

Originally founded by Fatima El-Fihriya, the wealthy daughter of a Tunisian immigrant, the historic site was meant to be a center of knowledge and worship.

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The library looks almost as good as 9th century new.

He has now written and published five books, all thrillers with technological or science fiction themes. Together, they regularly travel overseas, where they indulge their joint interest in photography, foreign food and exotic locations.

His writing features lively characters, fast moving plots and unexpected twists.

One scenario led to a collision of Mercury with Earth.

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In what Laughlin calls a "small but disturbing subset of possible future trajectories, Mercury becomes trapped in a 'secular resonance' with Jupiter, a state of affairs in which the elliptical figure of Mercury's orbit rotates in synchrony with Jupiter's orbital precession."If this happens, one scenario finds, Mars and Earth come within 500 miles of one another in 3.3 billion years, putting little green men practically within hailing distance and proving "disastrous for life on the Earth," write the Paris astronomers.

There’s always a good reason to visit the bustling streets of Fez, Morocco, but with the newly reopened library at al-Qarawiyyin University, there’s another great reason to make the trip.