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Though at first glance "Ella Enchanted" appears to be a movie strictly for teenage girls, mixing action, adventure, comedy, strong characters, and a love story, "Ella Enchanted" is hard to define and even harder to dismiss as simply a 'teen' film.A pleasant surprise, there's a little something for all age groups - and both sexes - in this bewitching fairy tale.The Ella of "Ella Enchanted" is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who holds her own in a medieval world.Director Tommy O' Haver cast Anne Hathaway in the lead role after seeing her in "The Princess Diaries." "She has a kind of quality that reminds me of Judy Garland in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ with that mixture of child-like purity but also the confidence and smarts of a mature young woman.

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The classic fairy tale world is given a modern twist with the romantic comedy/fantasy, "Ella Enchanted." Hugh Dancy stars as Prince Char, a handsome teen idol who isn't overly considered with the goings on in his kingdom.

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It also features a dynamic group of actors who are captivating on screen, chief among them being the two leads - Hathaway and Dancy.

These two have great chemistry, something that's absolutely essential to making "Ella Enchanted" work.

It was also so important that this character have a real sense of humor and strong comedic timing – and Anne is a wonderful, natural comedienne.