100 dating cheaters

22-Feb-2016 15:00

I have a few questions for these relationship peoples on here.....

Do any of you think it's possible to have a relationship where the people don't trust each other 100 percent and it not end up badly?

That's because "fidelity in marriage"—which only gets about 3½ million hits—is a hard thing to come by these days.

Some statistics say that roughly 50 percent of married men will cheat, and at least 81 percent won't admit to it even after a woman asks that searing question.

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Why do so many of these people think they have to throw all caution to the wind in these so called 'love' situations in order for it to work? Like unconditional love (ok for parents maybe, but the rest of us should put some thought into it).Do not confront the cheater until you've gathered evidence. He didn't find f**kbuddies on Craigslist because of your post-baby muffin top. Stalling for time, acting vague about how they intend to make this right, talking a good game and never coming through on the particulars -- these are all ploys to keep them in the affair. "Oh, I'll just make my needs smaller and smaller, or I'll be so wonderful I'll win them back! All you do with appeasement is give the cheater the green light to abuse you further. Most cheaters will lie and gaslight you unless you catch them dead to rights, and even then they usually only cop to what they think you already know. Nor did he cheat because you're a bipolar, alcoholic shrew who emasculates him with your rages (although you sound pretty lousy as partners go). Cheaters are 100 percent responsible for their decision to cheat. The cheater needs to decide right then and there -- or you put their crap in Hefty bags and throw it on the lawn for the raccoons. Why is being foolhardy a requirement for relationships? I'm not going to let distrust warp a relationship - I generally trust my partners.

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But I allow that my judgment may not be perfect also. Are you not going to have a relationship because 100% trust is impossible? If you're so busy trying to uncode them, or predict what they'll do next, or prevent them from doing some awful thing, you will just stay stuck.